Selling Real Estate at a
Richard E. Troup, Ltd. Auction
Auctions Always Generate Excitement and Competition
Our auction method of marketing can maximize your sales revenue above any other method of selling. Interested buyers are brought to a point of decision - they must act now or lose the opportunity to purchase. Buyers know that a property will be sold on a specified day and time, creating motivation not available through any other sales method.

Aggressive Marketing Campaign
At Richard E. Troup, Ltd., we tailor an aggressive advertising campaign to generate intense interest leading up to your auction date. This includes direct mail, phone calls, newspapers, and our website Hundreds of qualified buyers will have the opportunity to view the property prior to the date of auction.

Potential Buyers are Pre-Approved
Real estate auctions expose a property to a large number of pre-approved bidder/buyers. When property is sold at our auctions, potential buyers are required to be pre-approved for loans.

Less Hassle for the Property Owner
Property is sold without contingencies. The seller knows exactly when the property will sell, as they choose a sale date that fits their own schedule. Offering property at auction eliminates the potential of waiting months for a qualified buyer to come along. An auction also takes the seller out of the negotiation process. The seller doesn’t have any non-price issues to deal with.

Less Costly
Real Estate auction properties are marketed, sold and closed within weeks, resulting in reduced carrying costs and overhead for the seller - interest, taxes, maintenance etc. The seller is able to free up capital and move on to other investments. As you know, it is very costly to hold unwanted real estate.

The Market Determines Value
Auctions bring top market value. No price caps. A traditional listing price on your property caps the value in the eyes of the public. We work from a base price up with nothing to limit the buyer’s opinion of value. The seller sets the terms and conditions under which he is willing to sell and then lets the buyer bid his price. Value is determined in an open, live competitive bidding atmosphere which only an auction can provide. The seller can receive more offers in a few minutes at auction, than might have been obtained in weeks or months using standard methods.
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